Visi Misi Sekolah

A. School Vision
"The realization of a comprehensive education for the bright generation of Aceh"

B. School Mission
1. Instilling faith and devotion through learning and habituation in accordance with their respective religions and beliefs;
2. Carry out learning that is oriented towards the competitiveness of graduates at the national and international levels;
3. Fostering and creating a conducive environment that has a high tolerance for diversity (nationality, religion, ethnicity, language and needs);
4. Developing teaching using bilingual languages (Indonesian and English);
5. Creating a forum for developing students' talents and interests to support the potential development of students;
6. Build cooperation with foreign educational institutions to improve the quality of education services.

C. School Goals
Referring to the vision and mission of the school, as well as the general goals of basic education, the school's goals in developing this education are as follows:
1. Developing a school culture through refraction activities in practicing the teachings of each religion;
2. Developing interesting and meaningful lessons for the achievement of competitive and superior outputs at the city, provincial, national and international levels;
3. Developing a culture of tolerance for diversity among school members without leaving one's identity;
4. Developing an environment that allows students to actively speak English and get to know various other languages (Arabic and Mandarin);
5. Provide study groups according to the interests and talents of the SD Bunga Matahari extracurricular group;
6. Collaborating with PEARSON EDEXCEL UK to improve educational services, especially learning Mathematics, Science, and English.