Profil Sekolah

BMIS PROFILE The world was caught by surprise and mourned in December 2006 when a Tsunami took many lives in Banda Aceh, part of North Sumatra, Indonesia. A number of NGOs came to rescue the people who were so devastated and lost their properties and loved ones. These NGOs created programs that would eventually help victims recover from trauma brought by this horrific disaster. They have seen that one of the most effective ways for recovery is Education. They then formed a home school type of learning and encouraged more to join. While the need for educators in Banda Aceh arises then, Mrs. Victoria T. Gelbolingo, a licensed Filipino teacher left her profession in the Philippines and decided to help her husband doing Post Tsunami programs thru the foundation her husband established in Banda Aceh. She entrusted her fate to God and embarked into a new journey in a different land. She then got hired to teach in a home type school by these NGOs. Two years passed after the Tsunami, some NGOs that established a home school type of learning left and returned home each to their respective countries. They had to entrust the school to Mrs. Victoria who showed her passion in teaching kids. The school was already named “Bunga Matahari.” She got even more inspired upon seeing the need of many Acehnese children for education especially in the area of English communication. So, she taught English language aside from basic knowledge taught in a normal school. Bunga Matahari continued its operation. Thanks to the assistance of parents who first founded it. And in 2008, the enrolment started with six Acehnese kids until the number rose to 30. As years passed, trials came along but the school kept on thriving beause of determination of Victoria. January 2010 was a breakthrough for BMIS when Victoria met Izziah Hassan, a daughter of a former Governor in Aceh. She also had a dream of putting up a school. She was introduced to Victoria by their common friends. Izziah has a spare lot and building where they could accommodate bigger number of children. Both of them mutually agreed on several things and decided immediately to be partners. Bunga Matahari then transferred to a more decent place for conducive learning. In 2010 BMIS was granted registration for TK or Kindergarten. This paved the way for a tremendous increase in enrolment from 30 to over 60 Acehnese, Chinese and other foreign pupils up to now. As enrolment continuously increases more teachers are needed especially with Communicatin Skills. Today, Bunga Matahari is considered one of the best schools in Banda Aceh. It keeps on striving to offer the best education to its pupils. Internationally recognized curriculum, conducive learning environment, 1:15 classroom ration, and culture values learning are just few important areas the school nourishes and offers to parents who desire for an excellent learning to their dear children. Bunga Matahari also does services to help the community that was once devastated by Tsunami. It creates jobs for the jobless, alleviates the learning degree of ordinary citizens, opening their minds to international learning set-up. It also promotes social responsibility to the neighborhood thru its programs for the orphans and the poor. Bunga Matahari (Sunflower) as the name signifies wishes to shine like a sun while being rooted on the ground, seeking out positivity and strength. It envisions to produce bright, competitive, excellent, morally and spiritually transformed individuals as it extends its borders.